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Stephen Gjerston
Oil on canvas
30 x 50 in.
Stephen Gjerston
Still Life
Oil on canvas
39 x 36 in.
Stephen Gjerston

(American, Boston School)

Stephen Gjerston is a leading realist from the Boston School. The artist trained with the eminent instructor R.H.Ives Gammell in Boston (who had trained with DeCamp and Benson) and with Richard Lack (who had trained with Gammell) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gjerston is known for painting superb still life, genre and landscape subjects and most recently he finished a $200,000 commissioned mural for a Minnesota cathedral.

Gjerston was born May 21, 1949 in Minneapolis and his mother introduced him to art and music, and when the illustrations of Norman Rockwell, Dean Cornwell and N.C. Wyeth were shown to him in the 3rd grade, he vowed to become a masterful artist. At the University of Minnesota instructors told Gjerston not to paint representational art, so he entered the School of Associated Arts in St. Paul before leaving for Boston to become an active member of the Boston School of painting under Ives Gammell at the Fenway Studios. From 1971-1975 he studied with Richard Lack and Gammell. Gjerston began teaching how to paint realism in 1978 (Minnesota). He won three Elizabeth T. Greenshields' grants from a foundation in Montreal Canada, which allowed him to train in Boston full-time and to paint in France and England (1973). In Europe he studied the work of Bouguereau, Delaunay, Frederic Leighton and J.A.D. Ingres.

Gjerston is a multi-gold medal winner and is a leading influence within the Classical Realism group that originates in Minneapolis. He is highly respected as a painter, lecturer and teacher and his work appears in prints, in museum and private collections, on the cover of Classical Realism and Painters of the Boston School. Gjerston writes many articles and books about artists' techniques and ability (The Necessity of Excellence in Art). His primary interest is to show storytelling events or genres in a realistic manner. All of his paintings are painted on location and finished in the studio.

Painting only 3-8 large works a year, Gjerston is highly sought after by collectors who appreciate refined and elegant subject matter that is a mix between American impressionism and realism. Gjerston spends much of his time as an art instructor and muralist and lives in Minnesota.

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