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Samuel Rose
Oil on panel
20 x 16 in.
Samuel Rose
Raggedy Anne
Oil on panel
16 x 20 in.
Samuel Rose
Oil on board
20 x 24 in.
Samuel Rose

(American, 1941-2008)

Samuel Rose studied for seventeen years with the renowned teacher-painter-historian R.H.Ives Gammell at the Fenway Studio (Boston). He is considered one of the finest living Boston school painters because he is a consummate draftsman whose brushwork is so intricate that one cannot tell where one line begins and another ends. The artist also studied with Henry Hensche, Robert Douglas Hunter in Provincetown and at Kent State University. He is a scholar-student of the Renaissance era painters.

Rose was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of Dorothy and Charles Rose (a carpenter bricklayer). He has won medals at the Cooper School of Art, 7 grants from the E.T. Greenshields Memorial Foundation (Montreal, Canada); first prizes at the Concord Art Association, the Copley Society, the Guild of Boston Artists; the Julius Hallgarten Prize at the National Academy of Design (New York City); first prize at the National Arts Club, New York; and awards at the Concord Art Association and the Salmagundi Club (NY). He has been given one-man shows at the Concord Art Association and Pierce Galleries, Inc.

Rose is world-famous for his realistic, witty, surrealistic subjects, superb portraits and figure pieces painted in multi-layers of oscillating colors that blend and soften into juxtaposing areas. During the 1960s he painted many surreal subjects, using skeletons, wax and wooden dolls and other objects to delve into the subconscious or extraordinary. In the 1970s he began painting superior quality still life and genre subjects, painting only a few landscapes. He has painted two views of the Boston Commons and Public Gardens. Each of his paintings has a smooth surface and few hard edges are seen. He is, indeed, an American master.

Samuel Rose died in Ohio on February 18, 2008