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Henry Scott
Sailing at Dusk

Oil on canvas
24 x 40 inches

Hermann Dudley Murphy

(British, 1911-2005)

Henry Scott is a noted, world-recognized marine painter from Britain, who is often compared to Montague Dawson because both men proficiently painted ships and water with great expertise.

Scott specialized in ship portraits set within dramatic, realistic atmospheres at high sea. He offered historic champions of sail in his sailing renditions. During his career he made the acquaintance of many 19th and 20th century sailing captains and often went out on their boats to analyze how a boat sits and glides through water. Earning their respect, as well as developing an appreciation for the commercial art audience, Scott was made an honorary member of the International Association of Master Mariners. This group is often referred to as “the Cape Horners.”

Scott exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists from 1950-1966, and many of his works—while depicting majestic sailing ships—feature geographically recognizable locations. Like Montague Dawson, Henry Scott utilizes accurate details and shows a strong sense of movement and speed and light in his canvases, which makes his work rise above most marine painters’ efforts.

Throughout his career, Scott explored the oceans and visualized the reality of the era’s passing, and he captured the romantic essence of nautical history. His works are sought after for their strong artistic merit and historical appeal, and each is executed with particular care, so that he can paint competently the elusive elements of marine atmosphere.

Scott painted in watercolor and oil, but it is for his oil paintings of sailing ships under full sail on blue seas that he is best known. A study of his work shows the artist to have a profound understanding of the sea and sailing vessels, and could convey beautifully the ocean’s atmosphere in all types of weather conditions. He is recognized for his depictions of sailing ships in deep water, usually in a stiff breeze.

The artist died in London in 2005 a world-recognized marine painter.