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Henry Wo-Yue Kee   Click Images to Enlarge

Henry Wo-Yue Kee
Watercolor on paper
37 1/2 x 11 1/2 in.
Henry Wo-Yue Kee

(Chinese-American, 1927-)

Henry Wo Yue-Kee fuses the traditions and sentiments of the East and the West and shows nature through freely applied translucent washes of watercolor like the ancient Chinese masters. His delicate linear accents and sensuous blurring of colors to imply movement and hidden aspects of nature are superbly handled.

Wo was born in Tungkung, China August 20, 1927 and he studied at the International Art School of Hong Kong (1947-1949) and with Chao Shao-an of the Lingnan School in Hong Kong. He taught art at the Tak Ching Girls' School (1952, Hong Kong) and had many solo exhibitions throughout China and Hong Kong during the 1950s. In1960, he was given a solo exhibition at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and at Loyolo College and his reputation as a great painter spread like wild fire. In the 1960s and through the 1980s he exhibited in Hawaii, Germany, Vietnam, China, Europe and the United States and he moved permanently with his wife and five children to America in 1975. In 1977, he was given a solo exhibition at the Chinese Cultural Center in Boston.

Wo is internationally recognized for his paintings of carp, goldfish, monkeys, flowers, lily pads and nature scenes in watercolor. He has a special sense about the underwater world where fish and fauna flourish.

In 1969, Thomas Hart Benton said, "I was amazed at and delighted with his skill and artistry" (see page 4, Chinese Watercolours [sic] by Henry Wo Yue-Kee).

Wo is represented in many permanent museum collections including: Birmingham Museum of Art, AL; Mobile Museum of Art, AL; City of Hamilton Art Gallery, Australia; Art Museum of Hawaii; Springfield Museum of Art, MA; Amherst College; Wm. Penn Memorial Museum, PA; Rockhill Nelson Art Museum, Kansas City; National Museum of History, Taipee; Taiwan Museum of Art; Hong Kong Museum of Art; Beijing University, China and many more.

Wo is represented throughout the world with a line of color prints published by New York Graphic Society.