Catalogue Raisonn� Data Sheet

Please fill in as much as you can about the painting being submitted.
Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed return envelope with data sheet & transparency to:

Pierce Galleries, Inc., 5 So. Water Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 (June-September)
Pierce Galleries, Inc., 721 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 (October-June)

Thank you
There is NO charge for a painting's inclusion in one of our Catalogue Raisonn�s.

Artist's Name:___________________________

Artist's Dates (        -        )

Title (s) of the painting:_______________________________

The painting___is___isn't dated

Location of date:_________________

Signature facsimile:__________________________

Location of signature:___________________________


___oil on canvas___oil on wooden panel___oil on board___oil on paper

___watercolor on paper___tempera on______    ___gouache on paper

___mixed media on____(describe in full)_______________________

___etching on paper___lithograph on paper

Other (describe in full)___________________________________________

Exhibition history, if any (list locale, title of exhibition, number in the exhibit, lender):

Known publications � illustrations and references (list author, title, publisher, date, pages):

List the painting�s complete provenance (where was it purchased; previous owners)Auction history (list auction house, name of the sale, lot number,titleand any other pertenent information regarding auction sales, buy-ins or withdrawals):________________

L ist and describe any labels or written inscriptions on the front or reverse of the painting:

Name (s) of sitters, if any: ______________________________________________

Restoration/conservation history (describe restoration, name of conservator, date):

The painting�s condition is ___excellent; _____good; ______fair; ______poor

The frame is ___gold leaf ; ___metallic leaf; ____natural wood; ____period;

____new, ____matted, under glass, _____other

Do you know where the painting was painted?________________________________

Do you know why the paintings was painted? ________________________________

Has the painting won an award (s)? (List where, when, name of the award):

Is there a print of the painting? Please describe in full (name of the publisher, price, date, size, title given):

Please describe anything else you know about the painting and its history:

Your name:______________________________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________City __________________________

State ________________________ Zip Code ____________Country___________

Telephone Number (    )__________________Fax (   )_________________

Email Address: ______________________Do you own the painting being submitted? ____Yes ____No

If no, who owns the painting being submitted?



What is your relationship to the owner?________________________________________

Other: __________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your cooperation in this project.

������������������������������������������ Please do not write below this line. Thank you.

Pierce received ___data sheet and ___a color transparency on_____________________________ (date)

Catalogue Raisonn� number issued:# ___________________________________.

Catalogue Raisonn� number and letter sent to the owner on: ______________________