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Pierce Galleries - Nantucket

5 South Water Street, Nantucket, MA 02554     Tel: (508) 228-1789     Fax: (508) 228-5597

From late April through early December Pierce Galleries of Nantucket exhibits an extensive selection of original paintings, porcelains, Buddha figures, folk art, sculpture, doorstops, estate jewelry, gemstones, walking sticks and art books to an international clientele. From its 5 South Water Street downtown location, art exhibitions continuously change and unique antique items from all over the world are bought and sold. Our extensive collection of 19th, 20th, and 21st century paintings, sculpture, and antiques makes Pierce Galleries a destination for centuries of high quality fine art and a stimulating visual experience for collectors and novices alike.

Our Nantucket inventory includes work by: John Singer Sargent, Joseph DeCamp, Jane Peterson, John J. Enneking, Antonio Jacobsen, A.T. Bricher, Theodore Wendel, W.L. Stevens, A.C. Goodwin, Walter Granville-Smith, Reynolds Beal, Joseph Csatari, William S. Horton, John Whorf, Leon Kroll, Charles Knapp, Emile Gruppe, Frank Benson, William Sonntag, Albert Insley, Childe Hassam, Maurice Prendergast, Eastman Johnson, George L. Noyes, Chauncey F. Ryder, J.W.S. Cox, W.S. Barrett, Gertrude Fiske, William Hart, Caleb Arnold Slade, Walter Griffin, Martha Walters, Marguerite S. Pearson, A.Carleton, William Kaula, William Morris Hunt, Edmund C. Tarbell, Maw Lin, William Merritt Chase, Francis Green, Lucille Geiser, Theresa Bernstein, Anthony Thieme, Eleanor P. Custis, Zhen-Huan Lu, William Trost Richards, Alexander Dzigurski, Pino, Frank V. Dumond, Edward Henry Potthast, Ralph Blakelock, Robert Blum, Montague Dawson, Aldro Hibbard, Herman Herzog, Johann Berthelsen, Charles Curran, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Irving Wiles, Robert Reid, Marsden Hartley, Edward Simmons, Louise Woodroofe, Charles Sprague Pearce, Mable Woodward, H. Dudley Murphy, Andrew Wyeth, Francis Golden, Kahlil Gibran, Geoffrey Smith, John Kilroy, Philip Little, Philip L. Hale, Charles Hoffbauer, Harry Roseland, Frank Briscoe, Bernard Corey, David & Lawrence Kupferman, Samuel Rose, John Sloan, Richard Miller, George Wharton Edwards and many more. 19th and 20th century Nantucket artists include J.B. Reid, Emily Hoffmeier, Peter Hayward, J.W.S. Cox, J.P. Wilson, Eastman Johnson, Alexander Dzigurski and Reginald Marsh. 19 th and 20 th century Nantucket artists include Eastman Johnson, J.B. Reid, Emily Hoffmeier, Peter Hayward, J.W.S. Cox, Charles Gordon Harris, Edward Simmons, William Starbuck Macy, Andre Gisson, Hayley Lever, Elizabeth Coffin, Frank Swift Chase, Anne Ramsdell Congdon, Wendell Macy, William Chase, and more.

Nantucket Island is off the Massachusetts coast and is accessible by air or boat. Nantucket's cobblestone streets are lined with high-end boutiques and its white sandy beaches, beautiful plant life, bustling harbor, quaint shingled dwellings, mist-filled mornings and remarkably vibrant sunsets provide a charming environment in which fun-filled summer activities abound. We look forward to your Nantucket visit!

For more information call Patricia Pierce and Marco Apollo Pierce in Nantucket at (508) 228-1789 (late April-early December) or please try us at (781) 749-6023 or by email.

Late April - Early December

Daily with select evenings, June – September
Spring and Fall schedules, please inquire
By appointment, year round