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Pierce Galleries, Inc. is compiling a Catalogue Raisonné (compilation of an artist's complete life work) on each of the following artists:

William S. Barrett (1854-1927)

J.W.S. Cox (1911-1982)

John Joseph Enneking (1841-1916)

Chauncey F. Ryder (1868-1949)

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862-1938)

Submitting Artwork

Barrett was born and raised along the seaside coast of Rockport, Maine, the son of ship builder Amos Barrett. Learning to design and build yachts and smaller vessels at an early age, Barrett sailed the boats he and his father crafted. By the age of ten, he wanted to paint the Maine coast and its sea in all moods and weather conditions. Barrett studied at the Academie Julian in Paris and with William Merritt Chase in Shinnecock. He was inspired by the works of Constable, Turner and Whistler. His dynamic, poetic oils, watercolors and charcoal drawings reflect those artists' influences upon him. Barrett was a member of The Brooklyn Ten (1902) but he remained a recluse most of his life and only painted with George Bellows, George McCord, Paul Dougherty and A.T. Bricher if they would paint in nature (or upon his skiff The Whim.) Barrett died at his home in Rockport in 1927 and was virtually forgotten until Ellerton Jette of Camden, Maine, discovered his estate and sold its contents to Pierce Galleries, Inc. in 1969. After numerous museum retrospectives, Barrett finely is being recognized as a distinguished marine painter. There are less than 550 known works by the artist. (See Art Books, Catalogues)

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Cox was a multi-talented individual with an extremely creative mind. Speaking fluently fourteen languages, he traveled throughout the world "as a native" and painted watercolor scenes on location from Peru to Italy to Nantucket Island. Cox was born in Yonkers, New York. He graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn (1932) and studied with Othon Friesz at the Academie Colarossie, Paris (1936-1937) and elsewhere. He was a member of the American Watercolor Society, the Boston Watercolor Society, the Rockport Art Association and numerous other art clubs and associations. As a teacher, administrator, illustrator, lecturer, writer and watercolorist he won awards and was given many one-man exhibitions via the Milch Gallery (NYC) and Shore Gallery (Boston). He founded the New England School of Art and Design and is represented in many museums throughout the world. The artist died in Florida in 1982. It is believed that Cox painted over 650 watercolors. Right before he died, Pierce Galleries gave Cox his third sell-out exhibition in Hingham and published The Watercolored World of J.W.S. Cox (see Art Books).

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Enneking often is dubbed The New England Sunset Painter but he should be recognized as The First American Impressionist. Enneking was the first American to paint as a colleague alongside Monet (The Father of Impressionism), Pissarro and Renoir in Monet's gardens at Argenteuil (1872) and return to America a full-fledged Impressionist. Enneking was born in Ohio, served as a Union soldier and was wounded during the Civil War. He went to Boston to study with Samuel L. Gerry (1868); to Paris to study with Leon Bonnat and Charles F. Daubigney (1871-1872; 1876) and to Munich to study with Lehr and others. In 1878, he was given his first solo exhibition in Boston and he became one of the most popular landscape painters in New England. He was one of the first painters to study trout brooks and distant vistas in and around the White Mountains and painting in nature developed his individualistic brushwork. In 1916, over 1000 artists and patrons honored Enneking at a Boston testimonial dinner, where he was crowned with a wreath of laurel by sculptor Cyrus Dallin. Although Enneking is most recognized for his luminous or bright New England landscapes during all four seasons, he was a remarkably fine portrait, genre and still life painter. It is believed that Enneking painted more than 2,000 canvases.

(See Art Books for Patricia Jobe Pierce's John Joseph Enneking, American Impressionist hardcover, out-of-print book, 1972.)

Pierce Galleries currently is organizing an Enneking touring museum exhibition.

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Ryder's unique, loose post-impressionistic brushwork and energetic, individualistic style gave him almost instant recognition after he returned from the Academie Julian in Paris. After he won a coveted award at the Paris Salon (1907) he joined many American art clubs and was given numerous one-man shows that continued throughout his life. He painted on-the-scene events as they happened during World War I and also painted in Monhegan, Old Lyme, Ogunquit and throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Making his home in Wilton, N.H., the prolific National Academician created many award-winning etchings, lithographs, illustrations and painting (oils and watercolors) in his studio or on location. It is believed he painted more than 1,000 canvases and watercolor and many more etchings.

Pierce Galleries, Inc. currently is organizing a Chauncey F. Ryder touring museum exhibition.

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Tarbell was a National Academician who was trained in Boston and Paris. He was a founding member of The Ten American Painters in 1898 and is internationally acclaimed for his refined portraiture and genteel genre scenes of Brahmin society doing everyday tasks within light-filled interiors or impressionistic landscapes. He was the head instructor of painting at Boston's Museum School from 1889-1912 and is recognized as the inspirational leader of the Boston school of painting (1890-1912). Later in life, he was Director of the Corcoran Gallery School of Art. He died in New Castle, N.H. in 1938, one of America's most renown artists. He painted fewer than 475 works. Patricia Jobe Pierce wrote the definitive biography Edmund Charles Tarbell and the Boston School of Painting, 1880-1980 in 1980. (See Art Books.)

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For an art work's possible inclusion in any of the above mentioned Catalogue Raisonnés the form below must be filled out and mailed to Pierce Galleries, Inc., 721 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 with a color transparency of the painting. Make certain a complete provenance is listed. You will receive written notification within a few days after Pierce Galleries receives a painting's transparency and data sheet whether or not the painting will be included in the Catalogue Raisonné. Thank you for helping making our research project more thorough and complete.

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