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For over 35 years, our staff has helped private and public corporations, institutions, museums, charities, foundations and individuals look at art investments from a variety of valid perspectives and to keep them on track to meet financial and collecting goals.


Patricia Jobe Pierce became one of the first dealer-historians in America to lecture and write about art as a solid investment (1969-). She and Marco Apollo Pierce have been instrumental in building and selling many successful art portfolios. Some of their real-world experiences and strategies are detailed in the rave-reviewed publication Art Collecting and Investing (2003).


Pierce Galleries helps with key aspects of artwork maintenance, including how best to frame, install, care for, conserve, catalogue, transport and secure artwork.


Patricia Jobe Pierce, a lecturer and educator for over 40 years, has built an impressive art reference library and archive through her research and publications. Our galleries value an educated clientele and offer insight whenever possible.

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